emergency Expenses

Life is full of unexpected events, from home maintenance, to paying bills, let Loanz help you when you need it most.


An emergency loan helps to get through the unexpected moments in life

We understand that things come up that couldn’t have been anticipated. Those are the times when a personal loan can help to get through it. Whether it’s car repairs, a delay or your check, or anything else! We are here to help.

What is an emergency loan? And how does it work?

These loans are unsecured personal loans used for a variety of reasons, from unexpected car repairs, home repairs, or if you simply just need to bridge the gap until your next paycheck. Our loans range from $1,000 to $15,000 with fixed interest rates and monthly payments. If you go through our quick and easy online application you can even receive the funds in as little as 15 minutes! 

Most popular reasons to use an emergency loan?

Settle Old Debts
One Affordable Monthly Payment
Less Stress

Do you have a lot of debt?

If so, it might be time to consolidate. Debt consolidation is a process where multiple debts, often from things like credit cards, are rolled into a single payment. This can make it easier to pay off debt faster and keep track of how much debt you have. Some companies provide debt consolidation services, but often debt consolidation can be done yourself with minor risk in one of two ways: transferring all your debt to a 0% interest, balance-transfer credit card or getting a debt consolidation loan.

Transferring all your balances onto one low-interest credit card will save you money on interest payments over the long run if you’re able to pay off the entire balance before the introductory period ends (usually between 12 and 21 months). A personal loan works similarly by rolling up several debts into one monthly payment at an affordable rate that makes paying down your total balance more manageable. You should always check out both options carefully before making any decisions about consolidating your debts though because there are pros and cons for each method that need to be considered depending on what kind of financial situation you’re in right now.


What Are debt Consolidation Loans?

If you are looking for a way to pay off your debts and consolidate them into one easy monthly payment, a debt consolidation loan could be the solution. Debt consolidation loans are designed to help people who have multiple high-interest debts get out of debt faster by combining all their debts into one new loan at a lower interest rate. It can also help save money on interest payments over time.

A debt consolidation loan is an excellent option when it comes to managing your finances responsibly and getting back on track financially. 


Why consolidate your debt?

Build Credit

Improve your credit utilization ratio, make one easy payment and stop missing payments on multiple cards. All this helps improve your credit score.

Pay of Debt Faster

If you can combine all your debt into one easy payment it is much easier to manage and make those payments and you don't have to rememeber all the smaller ones.

Set Monthly Payments

One monthly payment means you have a set date that you are making the payment on. Its a fixed monthly amount so you have a better ability to budget.