How It Works

Get your money on your terms – Receive funds in as little as 15 minutes

Fill out Our Easy Form in 3 mins or Less

Apply online by selecting the amount you wish to borrow and what you think you need the money for. Most people are using these cash for bill payments, emergency expenses or debt consolidation but you can use the cash for anything you want.

Connect your Bank for Faster Funding

By connecting your banking details it will allow us to automatically verify your income and eligibility for a loan. We call this the rapid app as we can do all your verification in real time. While everything on our platform is secure, we do have an option to skip this step. If you do, the application will take a bit more time and an agent will have to manually review the documents you send which will delay the time it takes to receive your money.

Receive Your Funds In As Little As 15 Minutes

If you’ve connected your details and we have everything from you, then we will present our offer to you. You’ll be able to see the terms, loan amount, and interest rate. Once you review and accept, then you get to choose the way you receive your funds with some being as quick as 15 minutes!

We Make Getting A Personal Loan Simple

Sometimes getting a loan from a bank just simply isn’t an option. In fact, millions of Canadians find themselves in this very situation! That’s why we’ve created a way for hardworking Canadians to get access to funds that they may not qualify for from a traditional bank. With Loanz, you can complete the process entirely online even from your phone.